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What Are Principles of Miracles?-- By A Course in Miracles Online

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Question: Can we take a concept such as "it's a good concept to stop at stop signs" and use it as an absolute?

A Course in Miracles Online, David Hoffmeister: What you are calling a concept ("It's a good idea to stop at stop indications") is a make-believe idea that is part of an incorrect self-concept that God did not produce. Spirit transcends the belief in the physical. If you read the Concepts of Miracles at the beginning of a course in miracles you will see examples of what I call the wonder principle.

The wonder principle does use "in all cases," and if you use the A Course in Wonder Workbook lessons without exception, you will experience this as true. There is no order of trouble in miracles specifically since the concept is similarly relevant in all cases. This is the transfer of training at which the ACIM Workbook lessons objective and on which the experience of true forgiveness depends.

Our Spiritual Being, represented by the Holy Spirit, is shared as one Purpose, or one Viewpoint. The Holy Spirit knows what is really most valuable "in all cases." The Holy Spirit is constantly present within to Guide our ideas, feelings, understandings, and motivate the appearing "actions" of the body. Whether one listens to the Holy Spirit appears to be an option, however bear in mind that the Holy Spirit is constantly within, ever present, and constantly waiting to be heard.

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